Now playing Clash of clans

At first, I refused to play clash of clans because I thought it was really an addicting game. And then one day I installed it on my phone and tried playing it. I guess, I understand now why lots of people all over the world are now playing this one.

I really enjoy playing this game but not like those people that I know who plays all day! Some of my friends called it coc addict. 😂😂😂 Some of them have to wake up in the middle of the night just to play or because they’re clan are currently in a war. I haven’t tried it yet because I’m just a begginer, I haven’t bulid my clan castle yet! 😁😁😁

Anyway, how bout you guys? Are you also playing clash of clan? How’s your village now?

-jellyen 💕💕💕

Affiliate program…

I am interested in joining some affiliate program that offered from different companies, but I need to get more traffic on my blog site. I work as an Online marketing assistant before, well yeah, at first I don’t have any idea about the seo, sem, social marketing, bookmarking, directory submissions, press release, link building, etc. And my officemate taught me about it and ahe told me to read seo tutorial or online marketing tutorial. That’s exactly what I did, I read lots of books, I joined some forums about Internet marketing, I keep on asking people on how to? What’s this? And many more questions until I understand what’s internet marketing all about.

And now, I wanted to join affiliate marketing or programs and I need to gain traffic from my blog, that’s one thing a company with affilliate program are looking for, I guess! Of course how can they able to get traffic or more sales if their affialiates are not gaining huge traffics? Am I right? Well, anyway. I should start now and build more traffics and visits on my blog! Please check out some of my blog post. Thanks!


The Vow


Hello there! While I’m eating my breakfast I’ll share some of my thougths and what I’ve watched last night.

The title of the movie is “The vow”. It’s one of my favorite movie. And that quote is from the movie where Leo and Paige got married. I was so touch in that part and it honestly made me cry a lot, even though I’ve watched it several times.

It’s a story of a couple who got accident and the girl lost her memory, and the most painful part of it is that she also forgot her husband, she doesn’t remember anything about their lovely relationship. I really like those things that leo did for her, in order to win her back, to remind her that he is the one she loved and to remind her all the happiness that they’ve both shared. Well, I know most of you have watch this movie and for those who haven’t you should definitely watch it now for you to find out what happened at the ending 😁😁😁

I’m a big fan of chickflick or lovestory movies, can you suggest some good movies so I can buy some dvd and watch it?




Good morning! Summer is now approaching and I can really feel the heat of the sun. And this flower catches my eyes awhile ago and took a picture of it, I think it’s a lily! Am I right? 😁😁😁

I just woke up and I’m thinking what to eat. And a cup of coffee is not good with this kind of weather, maybe I’ll just make a juice and a sandwich. Oh well, whatever! Ciao for now coz I’m really hungry! 😁😁😁

-jellyen 💕💕💕

My last day at work

Just got home and It’s already 1:32am. I don’t really want to go home too late but today is my last day at work so my officemates and I decided to go to a bar near from our office. We drink and talk and laugh and talk and laugh. This is what we really are, I am surely gonna miss them, especially those moments when our boss is not yet around and we talk about funny stories and we can’t help but laugh until we get tired of laughing with those nonsense conversation. And when the boss arrived at the office we are all like “shut up!” “Please don’t laugh, I might get caught laughing” hahahaha those are one of the silly moments with my team.

They really are the best because when they see you very stress with all our works they will just tell some funny stories or bloopers(funny mistakes of our colleages). They know how to make me smile, that’s why I will miss them a lot despite with all the issues and the reason why I decided to resigned. Anyway, I’m still really really thankful that I was once a part of their team. Keep it up guys! See you all when I see you :):):)


Perrie Edwards shrugs off Zayn Malik cheating claims with a trip to the shops with his mum

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Beretta/Sims/REX (4592779p)  Perrie Edwards with Trisha Malik, Safaa Malik and Waliyha Malik  Perrie Edwards out and about shopping with mother and sisters of Zayn Malik, London, Britain - 30 Mar 2015 (Picture: Rex)

It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster week for the pop starlet Perrie Edwards.

First, her boyfriend Zayn Malik was pictured with a blonde in Thailand, kicking off the wagging tongues.

Then he sensationally quit the biggest boyband in the world causing fans to compare her to Yoko Ono, the woman blamed for the Beatles’ split.

And then a Swedish girl came out of the woodwork claiming to have had an affair with Zayn.

A tough week for any woman to deal with, but Perrie had just the remedy – shopping.

[metro-link url=”” title=”Swedish model Martina Olsson tells Perrie Edwards to DUMP Zayn Malik as the engaged pair step up their wedding plans”]

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Beretta/Sims/REX (4592779j)  Perrie Edwards with Safaa Malik  Perrie Edwards out and about shopping with mother and sisters of Zayn Malik, London, Britain - 30 Mar 2015 (Picture: Rex)

She was spotted on a bit of a retail therapy mission with Zayn’s mum and sisters, which handily killed two birds with one stone – she got some new clobber while proving to the world…

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Blue Roses



These pretty blue roses captured my heart easily. I wonder how it became blue, because as far as I know blue roses doesn’t really exist in our nature. So I made a little chit-chat with our florist, I ask her how did it bacame color blue or does the blue roses exist. And then she told me the process on how to grow a blue rose, blue roses were made by placing blue dye into the roots. And you can also dye the roses if it is fully grown by putting the stem on the water with the blue dye on it, and I think you shoud use a white rose. Well, whatever process it is even though they are not real blue grown roses they are still lovely. I swear! :):):)