The Vow


Hello there! While I’m eating my breakfast I’ll share some of my thougths and what I’ve watched last night.

The title of the movie is “The vow”. It’s one of my favorite movie. And that quote is from the movie where Leo and Paige got married. I was so touch in that part and it honestly made me cry a lot, even though I’ve watched it several times.

It’s a story of a couple who got accident and the girl lost her memory, and the most painful part of it is that she also forgot her husband, she doesn’t remember anything about their lovely relationship. I really like those things that leo did for her, in order to win her back, to remind her that he is the one she loved and to remind her all the happiness that they’ve both shared. Well, I know most of you have watch this movie and for those who haven’t you should definitely watch it now for you to find out what happened at the ending 😁😁😁

I’m a big fan of chickflick or lovestory movies, can you suggest some good movies so I can buy some dvd and watch it?



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