Affiliate program…

I am interested in joining some affiliate program that offered from different companies, but I need to get more traffic on my blog site. I work as an Online marketing assistant before, well yeah, at first I don’t have any idea about the seo, sem, social marketing, bookmarking, directory submissions, press release, link building, etc. And my officemate taught me about it and ahe told me to read seo tutorial or online marketing tutorial. That’s exactly what I did, I read lots of books, I joined some forums about Internet marketing, I keep on asking people on how to? What’s this? And many more questions until I understand what’s internet marketing all about.

And now, I wanted to join affiliate marketing or programs and I need to gain traffic from my blog, that’s one thing a company with affilliate program are looking for, I guess! Of course how can they able to get traffic or more sales if their affialiates are not gaining huge traffics? Am I right? Well, anyway. I should start now and build more traffics and visits on my blog! Please check out some of my blog post. Thanks!



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