My last day at work

Just got home and It’s already 1:32am. I don’t really want to go home too late but today is my last day at work so my officemates and I decided to go to a bar near from our office. We drink and talk and laugh and talk and laugh. This is what we really are, I am surely gonna miss them, especially those moments when our boss is not yet around and we talk about funny stories and we can’t help but laugh until we get tired of laughing with those nonsense conversation. And when the boss arrived at the office we are all like “shut up!” “Please don’t laugh, I might get caught laughing” hahahaha those are one of the silly moments with my team.

They really are the best because when they see you very stress with all our works they will just tell some funny stories or bloopers(funny mistakes of our colleages). They know how to make me smile, that’s why I will miss them a lot despite with all the issues and the reason why I decided to resigned. Anyway, I’m still really really thankful that I was once a part of their team. Keep it up guys! See you all when I see you :):):)



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