Flower Photography

Hi there!  I’ve been so busy these past few days and now I do have a spare time to share a new blog and it’s all about flower photography. I am so excited to share it with you guys, because I captured it myself, I took pictures of these flowers because it’s really beautiful, I was so fascinated and amazed by the beautiful product of our mother nature.
White Ecuadorian rose is one of my favorite flowers, it’s bigger than the ordinary rose. 

White Ecuadorian Rose

This is a mixed flower in a basket made of Pink Carnations, Two-tone roses, and Malaysian mums.

This is also a flower arrangement in a basket, but I just captured the flower, it is made of Yellow Carnation flower and Two-tone Ecuadorian roses.

It’s a one stem White Ecuadorian rose, just like the first picture above.

And this is a Pomelo Rose. This is also one of my favorite colors of a rose.

This is my first time to see a Lavender Ecuadorian Rose. I quickly get my phone and took a picture of it. I am ooooh in love with this flower.

Okay! That’s all I got. And oh I remember I also took a picture of a blue rose. Yeah, you heard it right. I’m going to look for it first. I reset my phone recently that’s why it’s not in here and I forgot where I saved it. Okay! So that’s all for now, Bye!